SSH Announces Future Plans For Enhanced File Transfer

HELSINKI, FINLAND and WELLESLEY, Mass. – March 14, 2006 – SSH Communications Security Corp. (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol, today announced the company’s future plans for enhanced file transfer (EFT). The new plans are a direct result from close customer interaction and feedback, and they reflect the market’s need for more standards-based, flexible, and light-weight solutions to secure and manage enterprise file transfers.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), based on the IETF standard Secure Shell technology, is a secure replacement for FTP providing confidentiality, integrity, and authentication for both interactive and unattended file transfers. SSH Tectia with its SFTP functionality is used by Fortune 500 companies around the world, to secure file transfers in multi-platform enterprise environments consisting of Windows, Unix, Linux, and IBM mainframe systems.

The new plans introduce enhanced file transfer management features such as automatic guaranteed delivery, scheduled file transfers, more granular file transfer access management, and advanced auditing to enable automation of file transfers in large enterprise environments. As a first milestone, SSH will release in April the new FTP-SFTP conversion functionality that allows enterprises to secure scripted FTP transfers without the need to modify existing scripts. The new FTP-SFTP conversion will considerably reduce the cost and deployment time of secure file transfer projects, helping organizations to meet the demanding compliance and auditor schedules.

“While both IT complexity and security requirements of regulations like SOX 404 and Visa PCI are constantly increasing, enterprises are now looking for solutions that can both secure and simplify data exchange across diverse enterprise networks,” said Timo J. Rinne, CTO of SSH Communications Security. “SSH Tectia for secure file transfer provides exactly that by offering the ease of FTP with the strongest security available. Strengthened with the new enhanced file transfer functionality, organizations will soon be able to standardize on SFTP and Secure Shell technology for all enterprise file transfers, eliminating the need for other complex and proprietary file transfer solutions.”

Enhanced File Transfer Plans

The enhanced file transfer functionality of SSH Tectia is designed to be secure, standards-based, flexible, and light-weight:

Secure. A time-tested security solution with a FIPS 140-2 validated crypto algorithm and highly secure code base, SSH Tectia will address even the most demanding regulatory and auditing requirements for file transfer security.

Standards-based. Based on the SFTP of the IETF standard Secure Shell, SSH Tectia provides standards-based and interoperable file transfers for TCP/IP networks.

Flexible. Multi-platform support that covers all key enterprise platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux, and mainframe ensures seamless cross-platform connectivity in heterogeneous environments without modifying the existing infrastructure.

Light-weight. SSH Tectia simplifies enterprise file transfers by avoiding any unnecessary system overhead and complexity, and focuses on ease of deployment and management.

The upcoming new functionality of the SSH Tectia enhanced file transfer solution include:

Transparent FTP-SFTP conversions that simplify FTP replacement projects by eliminating the need to modify existing scripted file transfers

Automatic guaranteed delivery with configurable alarms to ensure completion of critical file transfers

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory for role-based file transfer access management

Centralized, advanced auditing and accountability of file transfers for more comprehensive regulatory compliance

Integrated scheduler for easy automation of periodic file transfers

Pre- and post-processing rules for improved file transfer automation

Event- and time-triggered file transfers for seamless business process integration

Enhanced IBM z/OS file transfer operations including GUI client access to native mainframe data sets, direct streaming file transfers, and mainframe checkpoint-restart functionality.

Pricing and Availability

The new enhanced file transfer features will be available in SSH Tectia Client (F) and Server (F) products, and most of the functionality will be delivered already during 2006. SSH Tectia Client and Server (A) will continue to provide basic SFTP capabilities including an interactive GUI client and command-line tools to meet common server administration requirements. Product evaluations, pricing and further details can be obtained by contacting regional SSH sales, or by visiting for more information.

About SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications security solution for the enterprise. The SSH Tectia solution is based on the SSH Secure Shell and SSH’s other industry leading technologies used by millions worldwide. SSH Tectia enables secure system administration, secure file transfer and secure application connectivity with centralized management throughout the internal and external network. SSH Tectia products provide transparent strong encryption and authentication, and are available for all key enterprise platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and mainframes to easily integrate into heterogeneous network environments.

About SSH Communications Security
SSH Communications Security is a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol. The company’s SSH Tectia solution addresses the most critical needs of large enterprises, financial institutions, and government agencies. With SSH Tectia, organizations can cost-effectively secure their system administration, file transfers and application connectivity against both internal and external security risks. As the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol and other key network security technologies, SSH has for 10 years developed end-to-end communications security solutions specifically for the enterprise. Currently more than 100 of Global Fortune 500 companies are using SSH security solutions. SSH shares are quoted on the Helsinki Exchanges Main List. For more information, please visit

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