Sudoku game installs spyware on computers

Several web pages -mainly with pornographic or illegal content- are downloading spyware programs onto the computers of visitors to the sites without their consent. These web pages are designed to exploit different software vulnerabilities in order to install malware automatically on systems.

One of these programs is particularly dangerous due to its enticing bait: A sudoku puzzle. The application in fact operates perfectly, allowing users to play the game. However, without users knowing, every time the application is opened, it downloads YazzleSudoku, a type of spyware, onto the computer.

Once YazzleSudoku is installed on a computer, it creates several Windows registry entries in order to ensure it remains active. Similarly, it generates a series of files that it needs to operate, with names such as RL_SudokuInstaller.rar.lnk, or Yazzle Sudoku. Then, from time to time, YazzleSudoku displays advertising messages on screen

It is important to note that when starting to play the game, users are warned that spyware will be installed. If the user agrees, the spyware will be installed on the computer. However, if users do not agree, they will not be able to use the sudoku program.

According to Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs: “Spyware is, without a doubt, one of the major threats to users. This type of malware clearly conforms to the current objective of malware creators: earning money. Nevertheless, as the effects of spyware are not particularly obvious and do not appear to be dangerous, many users do not treat spyware with the respect it deserves. This however is a mistake, as spyware does not just slow down systems and cause errors, it also intrudes upon the privacy of users who should not consent to its installation.”

To prevent computers from being affected by this or other spyware, in addition to having a security solution with technologies for detecting and disinfected this threat, it is essential to act with caution with any file received in email or downloaded from the Internet. Similarly, it is highly advisable to have proactive detection technologies such as TruPreventTM, which can detect malware without the need for updates.

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