BiometricPIN technology on Cherry keyboards

This was announced earlier today during the Infosecurity Europe 2006 conference and expo. Cherry Electrical products is set to enable its range of G83-14400 and G83-14500 range of keyboards (developed using UPEK fingerprint sensors) with software company Senselect “s new BiometricPIN technology.

BiometricPIN enhances security by requiring a multi-finger log-on to access restricted files, folders and environments. The sequence in which fingers are read determines successful access and, like conventional PINs, can be changed if required. The technology also allows for integration of further identifiers such as iris, facial, palm and voiceprints into the authentication and identification process. Information is stored as a non-indexed Binary Large Object (BLOB) rather than an image which prevents reverse engineering.

The software is compliant with Common Criteria, The European Data protection Act and HIPAA Security Compliance.

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