AppGate Announces Network Admission Control enabled Mobile VPN Client

AppGate has made it possible to combine Network Admission Control policies with Mobile VPN access from a range of Windows Mobile devices. Their new Network Admission Control enabled Mobile VPN Client incorporates features including client-command and client-check which remove this restriction, ensuring mobile devices are secure before application access is granted.

The AppGate system makes it possible to integrate all types of access; mobile, PC, PDA in one single solution without having to accept reduced security or functionality. The user will get exactly the access they need when they need it – no more and no less. One user might be restricted to downloading e-mail and synchronizing their calendar to their mobile phone, while another who is running the required AV software on their mobile device might have access to SAP and their CRM system as well.

The new Mobile VPN Client is designed to work seamlessly with all the existing AppGate functionality. So in the above example URL filtering functionality can be used to ensure only pages designed for mobile use can be accessed. As in all AppGate client solutions, multiple authentication options are offered, including the use of LDAP/AD. Roaming is also supported, so users are able to move from a GPRS connection to a 802.11 connection without having to re-authenticate.

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