MicroWorld to Launch Futuristic Network Firewall

MicroWorld Technologies launched its futuristic, enterprise class firewall eConceal. eConceal is a comprehensive network firewall developed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or network connected to the Internet. It enforces a boundary between two or more networks by implementing default or user-defined Access Control Policies or Rules. These rules function as filters by analyzing data packets to see if they fulfill the filter criteria and then allow or block the traffic accordingly.

“Stealth Mode’ option is a powerful feature that allows you to surf the Internet invisibly, without letting other online users see you. In this mode your system does not respond to continuous information requests flowing in from other computers.

“eConceal empowers you with a multi-layered protection by Application Level filtering, Packet Level filtering and Stealth Mode,” said Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies. “It’s like building a heavily guarded a digital fortress around you and then make it invisible as well! While every port is monitored with consistent vigil to prevent Port Scanning by attackers, each data packet is checked to see if it fulfills the filter criteria and rules.”

Internet Services option of eConceal gives you Total Content Security with Website Filtering and Pop-Up Blocking. In Enterprises, system administrators can ensure that access to offensive, pornographic and non-productive websites are blocked completely to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Administrators can also stop all kinds of Pop-ups to save bandwidth and system resources, with options for adding specific websites to a white list.

Apart from its superior technology and robust functionality, eConceal also breaks away from the myth that firewalls are difficult to understand and hard on usability. Designed by incorporating the best of breed practices in usability engineering and Human Computer Interface (HCI) researches, this firewall scores high on user experience and adaptability. Its packet level alert and subsequent prompting for creating rules, make life easy for the user.

Initially, the network firewall will be launched in three versions- eConceal Standard, eConceal Pro and eConceal for Servers. eConceal Standard is a basic version, eConceal Pro is designed for workstations and eConceal for Servers is the advanced Gateway level Firewall.

Govind Rammurthy revealed “eConceal is a perfect fusion of some refreshingly new ideas, “out of the box’ thought processes and our Pioneering knowledge in Information Security. When we decided to break away from the norm, we also wanted to break a new path to redefine the scope and leverage of a firewall. Today when eConceal rolls out, we want it to stop at nothing short of revolutionizing Access Control, Intrusion Prevention and Complete Data Integrity.”

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