BitDefender Finds Bit9’s List of Top 15 Vulnerabilities Erroneous

On June 20th software security company Bit9 issued a report announcing what it found to be the top 15 applications with known vulnerabilities. While BitDefender 9 was listed among these vulnerabilities, BitDefender has received today a written apology from Bit9’s executives for including these products.

While BitDefender 9 did include a minor vulnerability last September, BitDefender immediately discovered the problem and issued an automatic patch which required no user intervention.

“By erroneously including BitDefender 9 among its list of top vulnerabilities, Bit9 has caused great confusion in the IT market and a disservice to our emerging consumer base,” commented Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender’s chief technology officer. “It is very common for software companies – at some point or another – to find vulnerabilities in their new software releases. As one of the world’s most powerful antivirus software and data security solutions, BitDefender prides itself on ensuring that these vulnerabilities are found and fixed as quickly as possible. In this case, we did just that. It was wrong and slanderous for Bit9 to have issued this week’s statement without first confirming the facts.”

Today, BitDefender is trusted by over 41 million users worldwide and offers the industry’s most efficient line of anti-virus and data security defense. The company is a recipient of countless awards for its flawless protection of both enterprise and personal computer use software. BitDefender represents the new drivers in the perimeter security market – challenging established vendors which force users to accept less effective and often more costly security applications.

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