Data security six-month summary

The first six months of 2006 were characterized by two significant milestones – the 20th anniversary of the first PC virus, Brain, which infected computers via floppy disks and the total number of mobile malware crossing the 200 barrier.

In 20 years, malware has evolved in scale and purpose to the point today where no unsecured computer platform, be it for PC or mobile, is safe from attack. Reliable and proactive data security software has become a must for both the corporate and consumer world as malware authors continuously probe for new vulnerabilities in such areas as online banking, online gaming, peer to peer networks and even legitimately bought CDs and DVDs.

In addition to the new threats, including the use of rootkits, zero day vulnerability exploits and fast evolving mobile malware, there is the collective weight of viruses, trojans, worms and spam to contend with. F-Secure for its part, will continue to ensure that the Internet is a safe place to work and play for all netizens.

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