Leaving computers unprotected

According to a recent survey, home computer users have generally taken to having antivirus products on their computers, but seem to overlook the need for updating signature databases. In all, 88% of adult computer users in the US have antivirus programs installed, but two-thirds (65%) postpone updating these programs. The main reason for this reluctance seems to be the perceived disruption caused by the updating process, with 38% of people citing this as their excuse. At the same time, a worrying 14% simply did not know how to update.

With new malware appearing every day, shirking updating responsibilities may not be the best of ideas, but consumers seem not to care too much about that. In fact, while 55% of respondents seemed to be very confident by the protection their antivirus program provides, 42% claimed they were still affected by malware with an antivirus product installed on their system. Still, the upside of this is that the vast majority of customers do seem to have antivirus protection on their systems. What is now needed is to make sure this existing protection is also used to the best of its ability.

Source: VirusList.

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