Safe’n’Sec Enterprise Solution for large companies released

Safe’n’Sec Enterprise solution is developed considering specific needs of corporate networks consisting of more than 1000 workstations. Safe’n’Sec Enterprise security system includes client programs which are installed on workstations in the network and provide each workstation protection from any external or internal malicious activity. Workstations centralized management is carried out by system administrator with help of Safe’n’Sec Admin Explorer management console.

The important component of Safe’n’Sec Enterprise setting it apart from Business version is Safe’n’Sec Service Center client program. Service Center provides services of centralized users’ rights setting to execute certain operations, group policies usage for client programs setting, updates starting on schedule, automatic e-mail warnings delivery about critical events on workstations, postponed tasks execution on offline workstations. Service Center is aimed to simplify and unify system administrator’s work at most on divaricated computer networks administration.

Safe’n’Sec Enterprise version will be customized and supplied to each company according to customer’s developed technical plan. Detailed info on Safe’n’Sec Enterprise is available at the company homepage.

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