Skybox solution combines automated risk assessment, network policy compliance and firewall audit

Skybox Security, Inc., launched the third-generation release of its award-winning Skybox View Suite. For the first time, security and IT operations teams can use a common platform to automate the previously disparate and manual processes associated with: risk exposure assessment, network policy compliance, firewall configuration audit, and change assurance.

With Skybox View 3.0, IT managers can: make better security and network configuration decisions; automate labor-intensive processes; uncover policy violations; optimize network controls; and invest in the right areas. New Skybox View 3.0 Features and Benefits:

Automated Firewall Audit

Existing processes to audit a firewall are manual and labor-intensive and can take from days to even weeks to complete. Skybox View 3.0 automates the process of auditing a firewall to just minutes by quickly mapping firewall configurations to industry or internal best practices. Skybox View 3.0 documents the audit results, provides compliance metrics and highlights the rules that are causing out-of-compliance violations.

Network Policy Compliance

Compliance with hundreds and thousands of network availability and security rules is challenging as most organizations are on a constant treadmill of configuration changes. Every firewall or router configuration change has to be validated due to risk to the availability of critical network services, introduction of new security holes, and regulatory requirements for change impact analysis. Skybox View 3.0 can automatically, continuously and non-intrusively audit thousands of network devices against defined policies in minutes compared to months with any other alternative.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Skybox View 3.0 provides a range of risk assessment report templates including FISMA FIPS 200 and NIST 800-53, ISO 17799 and others in order to automate regulatory compliance with risk management reporting requirements.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Modeling

This feature improves the effectiveness and validates the value of deployed or planned IPS devices to the business. Most IPS systems are deployed without enabling the prevention mode because it is difficult to ascertain if they are located in the right area, if they are configured properly and what is the appropriate blocking mechanism to use. Skybox View 3.0 provides detailed analytics that address all three of these barriers.

Application and Database Vulnerability Scanning Support

In addition to supporting all network vulnerability scanning solutions, Skybox View 3.0 has been enhanced to support scanning results from application as well as database scanners. As a result, a single, centralized and normalized view of all vulnerabilities can be established upon which sophisticated impact and vulnerability prioritization analysis can be performed (see today’s related Application Security announcement at

Zero-Day Worm Attack Simulation

This feature helps an organization understand the potential spread and corresponding damage of a worm attack. This can be done without disruption to the live network since the simulation is done within a virtual model. Skybox View can also simulate zero-day worms, where only partial knowledge may be available about the concrete characteristics of the worm prior to the attack or when the attack begins.

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