Guidance Software named one of the top 5 electronic discovery software providers

Guidance Software was named one of the top five electronic discovery software providers by the fourth annual Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey. Additionally, the survey places Guidance in the top 20 for electronic discovery service providers based on experience, capacity and law firm ranking. The full public report will be available in the August issue of Law Technology News.

Traditionally, large organisations addressed their compelling eDiscovery needs by turning to disparate vendors, consultants, and software applications that collectively represented a highly disjointed, inefficient and expensive process to preserve, collect, process, and serve data up to customers.

Guidance Software’s EnCase Enterprise software, however, greatly streamlines the eDiscovery process by collecting data over the network in a scalable and automated fashion. Additionally, EnCase Enterprise filters the data at the point of collection and then systematically optimises the relevant data for direct load into litigation support review platforms. Unlike most eDiscovery solutions, which are largely services-based, EnCase Enterprise is commercially available enterprise class software that provides an organisation the means for a global in-house eDiscovery process.

“As the quantity and scope of electronic discovery requests continue to grow, major organisations are being overwhelmed by excessive costs and compliance demands,” said Guidance Software CEO John Colbert. Corporations can no longer afford to rely on reactive, time-consuming and ad hoc measures that are extremely costly and greatly increase risk associated with non-compliance. In such an environment, Guidance Software’s solution will continue to provide an immediate and substantial return on investment for our customers while mitigating risk.”

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