DesktopSecure for Linux for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS available

Following the launch of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS earlier this month, Canonical made Panda Software DesktopSecure for Linux available to all users of Ubuntu 6.06. Combining the security and manageability of Panda’s latest security suite and Ubuntu’s easy to use interface gives all users the opportunity to safely and easily browse, shop and interact over the web.

Panda DesktopSecure is a specific security solution for Linux workstations, integrating anti-malware and firewall technologies. With this product, Panda Software is collaborating with the Linux community, providing easy-to-use and effective security tools. The complete solution can be managed from a powerful graphic console. The version of DesktopSecure available to users of Ubuntu 6.06 includes services and updates for three months.

Using the Ubuntu Add/Remove Programs feature, users can choose to install a wide variety of applications. This announcement continues the drive to ensure Ubuntu gives real choice and real flexibility as well as an easy to use interface that everyone can use.

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