DOJ Deploys AppSecInc’s vulnerability assessment technology

Application Security announced that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is utilizing the company’s vulnerability assessment scanner, AppDetective to reduce and manage database vulnerabilities throughout the agency.

Speaking about the decision to deploy AppSecInc’s solution, Dennis Heretick, chief information security officer for the DOJ said, “Our philosophy is one of building security into the operational process and building our validation testing into the implementation process.  Tools such as AppDetective allow us to identify vulnerabilities in the [database] application and then verify that we have corrected them.”

“AppSecInc enables the DOJ to ground compliance efforts in the database applications that ultimately house its regulated data,” said Jack Hembrough, president and CEO of AppSecInc.  “By establishing database controls, documenting their status, and promptly identifying violations, AppSecInc helps government organizations define best practices, document continuous improvement, and ensure prompt incident response – the hallmarks of any demonstrable, repeatable and effective compliance effort.”

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