JSCAPE Secure FTP Server Enterprise Edition simplifies secure file transfers

JSCAPE announced the availability of the latest version of JSCAPE Secure FTP Server Enterprise Edition. The software includes an integrated web based FTP client designed to simplify the file transfer process while maintaining a high level of data security.

Exchanging data while ensuring security is often overly complicated by strict firewall configurations between parties and the need to support an endless number of FTP clients and platforms. Companies are looking for solutions to simplify these data exchange processes without sacrificing security or functionality. JSCAPE Secure FTP Server Enterprise Edition meets this need providing support for all major platforms, high-grade security, and an integrated web based FTP client eliminating firewall configuration and client support issues.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Platform independent – Support for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X platforms for easy deployment in any environment.
  • Web based transfers – Zero installation web based FTP client eliminates firewall configuration issues and FTP client support and licensing costs.
  • Security – Protect sensitive data using secure SSL encryption with support for both explicit and implicit SSL (FTPS) as well as HTTPS transfers.
  • Remote administration – Securely manage your servers remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Auditing – User defined logging to capture important FTP server activity for audit purposes.

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server is available in three different versions, a Community Edition which is free of charge, a Professional Edition for $499.00 and an Enterprise Edition for $1799.00.

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