SAP selects Breachview SSL

Breach Security, Inc. announced that SAP AG, the world’s leading provider of business software solutions, has chosen Breachview SSL to enhance its ability to detect unwanted security intrusions by enabling inspection of SSL/network traffic.

Breachview SSL provides SAP with an enterprise-class security solution for decrypting and analysing all SSL/HTTPS traffic within its existing global intrusion detection system (IDS) solution. Breachview SSL will be rolled out to a minimum of eight IDS enterprise network sensors around the globe to protect and observe all of SAP’s network traffic. More than 30 productivity and business critical internet scenarios, such as the SAP Service Marketplace and the SAP Developer Network, are secured by Breachview SSL.

The low total cost of ownership and the ability to easily deploy a non-intrusive software plug-in-passive decryption without SSL termination-for the existing SAP IDS solution were two of the key reasons why SAP selected Breachview SSL for enhancing its intrusion detection capabilities.

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