NetZentry announces CleanTraffic 2.7 DDoS attack protection software

netZentry announced the visually robust reporting capabilities of its latest 2.7 release of DDoS Protection Software, CleanTraffic. The updated version of CleanTraffic carefully tracks each attack at each stage of the attack. Automated email reports are immediately sent to the customer being affected. Email notifications consist of a visual report that documents:

” Anomaly Detection
” Initiation of attack mitigation
” Dissipation of attack
” Associated attack mitigation actions

Once anomaly detection has occurred within CleanTraffic, the management entity can authorize remediation actions, which causes the detector to request remediation to those trackers that confirmed the anomaly.

The initiation of DDoS attack mitigation involves the interaction with adjunct inline networking equipment to mitigate the anomalous traffic. In doing so, the trackers use ongoing historical and behavioral analysis to block bad traffic while letting through as much good traffic as possible.

Once the DDoS attack threat has been dissipated, another subsequent email is sent to the customer, notifying them also of any additional mitigation actions that took place.

The updated DDoS attack solution allows baselines to be set for each individual customer, so that customers are not bound by how much traffic they receive. Benefits include:

” Larger customers won’t receive email notifications of an attack based on the same rules as smaller customers (large volumes of traffic being normal)
” Smaller customers won’t wait until attack traffic reaches large volumes to trigger an alarm

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