NIST awards Sigaba FIPS security certifications

Sigaba, the leading provider of security software infrastructure and solutions, today announced it has extended its FIPS-certified Sigaba Security Library with three newly awarded certifications. The National Institute of Standards and Technology?s (NIST) Computer Security Division (CSD) has awarded Sigaba the following certifications for its Sigaba Security Library, Version 1.2.14:

· Secure Hash Standard (SHS) ? FIPS 180-2
· Random Number Generators (RNG) ? FIPS 186-2
· Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) ? FIPS 186-2

Sigaba?s solutions for secure email, instant messaging, document delivery and mobile devices exclusively use the Sigaba Security Library for cryptographic operations, ensuring these FIPS certifications cover all current and future product suites.

NIST develops Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) when there are compelling Federal government requirements, such as for security and interoperability, and there are no acceptable industry standards or solutions. To earn FIPS certifications, products undergo rigorous testing by an accredited independent lab that satisfies the government?s high standards.

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