SELinux gets easier with a new beta version of Tresys Brickwall enterprise client

Tresys Technology, a primary contributor to Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), today released a beta version of its Tresys Brickwall Enterprise Client for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This is the second offering in the Tresys Brickwall Security Suite of software that makes using and managing the power of SELinux easier. The Tresys Brickwall software allows administrators to configure fine-grained network access control for individual applications without having special knowledge of SELinux.

The Tresys Brickwall Enterprise Client enables users to easily access and use the most powerful security capabilities of SELinux. With Tresys Brickwall, applications and services are confined to the minimal required resources thereby limiting the scope of any exploits. In addition to providing the strongest and most flexible security available, Tresys Brickwall helps administrators avoid the risks associated with zero-day vulnerabilities. Features include:

— Unmatched ability to configure network security controls for individual applications.
— Protection of additional services beyond those in the default RHEL 4 system.
— Ability to customize the security of protected services by specifying additional file access.
— First-ever capability to provide advanced security for your custom applications without SELinux expertise.
— Support for the upcoming Tresys Brickwall Network Manager, to provide remote administration and group security configurations.

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