SMobile unveils new version of mobile security product suite

SMobile Systems, delivering the industry’s only comprehensive, cross-platform mobile security solution for wireless carriers and device manufacturers, has unveiled a major upgrade to its mobile security product suite at this week’s CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment show in Los Angeles (Booth #1202). Security Shield 7.0 offers a suite of solutions to ensure the “secure mobile” industry, with complete anti-virus, firewall, voice and messaging protection, monitoring, and reporting, and disinfectant tools for the broadest range of mobile platforms and devices on the market.

SMobile works closely with major wireless carriers and device manufacturers to develop custom solutions and strategies for mobile security leveraging the Security Shield framework, which includes the following secure mobile solutions:

— SMobile VirusGuard, an industry-validated product, provides complete anti-virus and malware protection for email, SMS, MMS, direct download, and Bluetooth and Infrared transmissions. SMobile VirusGuard features a simple menu and a small footprint, with no impact on device or network performance. It offers both on-demand and on-access scanning, alerting users to harmful content in real-time, as well as automatic, over-the-air updates and flexible licensing options.

— SMobile PointGuard offers automated, customized call and message filtering. SMobile PointGuard takes caller ID to a new level, allowing users to automatically block incoming SMS, MMS, or voice calls from selected contacts and unknown users by creating a customized “blacklist” for their mobile device. Contact information can be exported to the blacklist from the user’s address book, and all activity is centrally logged for easy tracking.

— SMobile Firewall keeps mobile devices protected from current and future threats, monitoring both inbound and outbound traffic on a user’s mobile device. SMobile Firewall offers a bi-directional, packet filtering option that protects the mobile device from accessing harmful or questionable content, while also preventing malicious content from being transferred or downloaded to the device. Customizable whitelists and blacklists can be created using a simple, intuitive interface.

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