Network intrusion prevention for world’s largest networks

Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Crossbeam Systems forged an alliance to deliver intrusion prevention on high-performance security switches. Through this alliance, Crossbeam will incorporate ISS Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology into its high-end UTM platforms to accommodate enterprise needs for fast, highly scalable security solutions.

Crossbeam offers both enterprise-class and provider-class UTM solutions. Recently, ISS has seen an increased demand among telecommunications carriers and other service providers to deliver centralised security to their end users as a market differentiator or as a new revenue opportunity. Through the Crossbeam alliance and other similar agreements, ISS will increasingly meet the needs of carriers and service providers via the “Powered By ISS” program.

The “Powered By ISS” program is intended to extend the reach of ISS pre-emptive security to a much broader market, allowing participants to quickly and effectively meet customers’ security and regulatory compliance needs. Due to the versatility and open architecture of the ISS protection platform, ISS has the ability to provide the security backbone for a wide variety of organisations.

ISS Proventia Network IPS protects against both vulnerabilities and exploits to effectively block known and unknown attacks before impact, enabling organisations to prevent costly security breaches, improve network availability and achieve regulatory compliance. Through its proprietary Virtual Patch technology, ISS protects organisations from online attacks before they are able to obtain and apply patches from affected vendors, in many cases translating into protection from software flaws months before the affected vendor is able to release a patch.

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