Application Security founder and CTO presents best practices for securing databases

Application Security’s founder and CTO Aaron Newman will team with Computerworld to present a webcast designed to help organizations combat the theft of customer records, financial and health records and other sensitive information contained within databases.

Among the world’s foremost information security experts, Mr. Newman literally wrote the book on database security — co-authoring the “Oracle Security Handbook.” He also pioneered the database vulnerability assessment market by co-founding DbSecure (acquired by Internet Security Systems) prior to developing the proprietary technology central to AppSecInc’s solution set.

During the webcast, Mr. Newman will address several of the most overlooked aspects on database security, while providing guidelines and best practices for securing databases against unauthorized access. Describing in detail the broad range of methods used by hackers to invade enterprise databases, he will also define the essential steps that IT managers must take in securely installing and configuring databases against malicious breaches.

Participants will learn:
* Examples of database attack scenarios: privilege escalation, password brute-forcing, SQL injection and buffer overflow.
* Why perimeter security is not adequate for protecting databases.
* Tips on web applications development to ensure secure database access.
* How to combat database attacks: recommendations on vulnerability assessment, intrusion protection and encryption.

Visit this page to register for this free web event.

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