Complete and real-time coverage of distributed IT infrastructures

Insightix released its Insightix Management Center which enables an enterprise with multiple networks across geographically distributed locations to easily achieve a unified view of its IT inventory and enforce a unified network access control policy across its entire IT infrastructure within hours.

Management Center aggregates real-time network information obtained by multiple applications of Insightix’s Enterprise Collector and Lite Collector performing network discovery, monitoring and network access controls on individual networks. Management Center also includes a web-based user interface to manage the configuration and operation of individual Enterprise Collectors and Lite Collectors across the multiple networks of an enterprise.

Management Center expands Insightix’s product portfolio to include discovery, monitoring and network access control solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Insightix offers the only solution that delivers complete and real-time infrastructure information with no software agents and a network access control module to enforce an enterprise network access policy within hours.

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