Atmel adds two EAL5+ security certificates to its secureAVR family of microcontrollers

Atmel’s contact AT90SC6404RT and AT90SC12872RCFT dual-interface secure microcontrollers have been granted Common Criteria certification to EAL5+ augmented to AVA-VLA.4. This vulnerability assessment corresponds to today’s highest known proven resistance against any security attack.

Both products share the same common features of Atmel’s secureAVR family including its outstanding secureAVR 8-/16-bit RISC CPU performance, strong security mechanisms, a power-analysis attack resistant DES/TripleDES engine, firewalls and environmental protections. These products have been respectively designed to SDA (static data authentication) banking and high-end e-passport applications where high-security designs are a pre-requisite for selection.

These certifications have been awarded by the French administration, Direction Centrale de la Securite des Systemes d’Information (DCSSI). Common Criteria certification is rapidly becoming recognized as a worldwide standard for smart card security, especially for government applications.

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