Parental control solution for mobile phones

Redknee released its parental control solution (Mobile Group Enabler) which helps operators attract the entire family with a mobile service that addresses both family privacy concerns and budget. It allows operators to introduce a range of convenient, time saving and family specific services, including privacy control, cost control and intelligent call routing.

The Redknee solution addresses child protection concerns by enabling parents to restrict who their children call or accept calls or text messages from, and which websites they are able to access via their mobile phones. The solution also allows parents to set account thresholds and receive notification when the number is approaching its monthly limit, avoiding unexpected overages in the monthly bill.

The Redknee parental control solution utilizes intelligent call routing to increase call completion rates and allows carriers to combine postpaid, hybrid and prepaid family members into a single group to simplify billing and reduce operating expenses. Unlike other parental control mobile offerings, the Redknee solution is handset independent, allowing mobile carriers to give subscribers the freedom to add the service to existing plans with their existing mobile phone.

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