Aladdin HASP supports Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced that its industry-leading HASP software protection, licensing and distribution solutions now offer support for Microsoft’s .NET Framework Version 2.0.

With the introduction of this latest support, Aladdin HASP provides powerful, automatic wrapping of .NET Framework Version 2.0 applications, featuring innovative technology such as multi-layered security, anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering. HASP customers developing .NET Framework Version 2.0 applications now gain the same reliable software protection through the most advanced anti-hacking technology available.

Within minutes, developers can protect a .NET Framework Version 2.0 application by “wrapping” it in a virtually impenetrable shell. Because using the Envelope doesn’t require changes to the source code, it stands as the ideal protection solution for software distributors and resellers. HASP Envelope benefits include:

” Protects software against unauthorized use by binding the software to HASP.
” Prevents reverse engineering by encrypting the software files.
” Prevents debugging of application code by using strong anti-debugging schemes.
” Prevents attacks on software by wrapping the files with multiple, randomly-assembled layers of protection.

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