Crafting holistic IT information security strategies

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) announced the availability of a new report covering the landscape of IT solutions that address the increasingly vital concern for the security of information. The 75-page research study, “The Security of Information: A Strategic Approach to Current Topics and Trends,” offers executives and enterprise IT professionals insight into the available solutions that are shaping the management and security of business-critical information and how the various technologies best fit together.

In recent months, the security of information has become a watchword – not just for IT, but for the executive suite as well. Risks once seen as intangible and difficult to control have become top security management priorities as lost, stolen and abused information has led to highly tangible losses, including corporate embarrassment, lost customer confidence, damaged equity values, regulatory penalties, and the potential impact of even further regulation.

The resulting focus on information risks has brought increased attention to technologies that secure information itself. While some solutions are being marketed as “silver bullets” that can independently deliver comprehensive information security, this is not the reality. In this study, EMA advocates a comprehensive approach to securing information that embraces the enterprise as a whole:

* The security of resources that house, handle and communicate data
* People and process involved in the access and use of information
* The security of information itself

The report examines current factors that influence the broad topics under each of these three domains, with a look at trends and technologies that are shaping today’s approaches to information security couched in the context of a holistic strategy built on these pillars.

Other issues addressed by the report include:

* Regulatory compliance and other tangible losses as key drivers for investing in information security
* Enterprise management as the cornerstone of a holistic information security strategy
* The integration of solutions across domains of technology and expertise as a defining characteristic of “security maturity”
* Information risk and the changing nature of IT security fundamentals, including network security, application security and virtualization security
* A comprehensive approach to IT security involving the three pillars of people, process and information access
* Common security challenge such as recognizing sensitive information, identifying threats and applying effective response
* Suggestions for successfully building an information security strategy in the enterprise based on practitioner experience

In addition to the research report, EMA is providing a number of no-cost information security resources to help enterprise IT professionals learn how to craft successful information security strategies.

EMA’s Information Security Solutions Center is a comprehensive online resource that introduces the fundamental concepts of information security and offers the ability to search and compare objective profiles of leading information security solutions side-by-side.

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