Tumbleweed teams with iPRESIDIUM to deliver insider threat protection

Tumbleweed announced that the company has combined Tumbleweed MailGate suite’s award winning email security solutions with the iPRESIDIUM Mailntercept product’s comprehensive insider threat protection capabilities. The solution leverages Tumbleweed’s rich feature set for securing inbound and outbound communications with Mailntercept’s advanced content security for internal communications, offering broad-based protection against unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information via external or internal sources.

“Trusted insiders with authorized access to network resources and sensitive information present the most dangerous security risk to government and private sector organizations,” said Adriana Babino, President and Founder of iPRESIDIUM. “Malicious or inadvertent exposure of confidential data via internal email can have disastrous legal, financial, and other consequences to organizations and affected individuals. Integrating Mailntercept with Tumbleweed’s secure messaging solutions provides security conscious organizations with the ability to intercept and take action on internal messages that may violate existing security policies.”

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