LANspectre PRO Network Scanner now shipping

OPENXTRA is pleased to announce that the LANspectre PRO, designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden by T2C is now shipping from OPENXTRA Limited, network tools and environmental monitoring specialists. The LANspectre PRO is a stylish-looking hand-held network scanning tool which automatically scans the entire network in seconds and provides a list of all the attached devices.

The new LANspectre PRO, a cost-effective easy to use Ethernet network scanning tool is now available in the UK and Europe. Designed to help network technicians document the network, identify problem devices and scan subnets. LANspectre PRO automatically scans the entire network in seconds and lists all the attached devices, Servers, Switches, Computers, Printers, Routers etc, providing Device Names, IP Addresses and MAC Addresses. It also categorises devices under headings PC/Server, Printer, Router/Switch or miscellaneous.

Once LANspectre PRO has discovered network devices, correct operation of attached devices can be verified using the powerful inbuilt PING feature simply by selecting the device from the list and hitting PING.

LANspectre PRO can be left connected to the network then accessed remotely via the web browser. The captured file can then be saved to create a database of all network attached devices in HTML or Excel format.

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