Array Networks launches first site-to-site SSL VPN solution

Array Networks Inc., a leading provider of optimized and secure universal access solutions, today announced the first site-to-site SSL VPN solution, which offers a more secure and flexible alternative to IPSec VPNs. Array’s new Site2Sitesolution provides companies with the unique ability to establish an encrypted bi-directional connection on demand between applications, hosts, or networks at any two or more locations without changes required to protect internal networks. This results in a site-to-site VPN solution that provides network administrators with the ability to select which information or applications are to be accessed, thus providing secure access control on a per user basis.

Compared to IPSec, Array’s Site2Site solution combines the secure tunneling capability of a site-to-site VPN with the increased security, fine grain access control, hidden internal networks, and reduced administrative burden of SSL VPN. It also includes the unique capability of resource provisioning, whereby specific resources (i.e. applications, networks, printers, etc.) can be “published” to provide access only to specific users and/or user groups.

Site2Site is available with all SPX VPN series models including the SPX 2000, 3000 and 5000 and can be deployed in multiple configurations. It can be deployed as a gateway-to-gateway solution in a hub and spoke model where a host SPX is connected to a number of remote locations with SPX Site2Site capability. A second scenario is an SPX with Site2Site connecting directly to a remote device (e.g., a point of sale terminal) thus, eliminating the need for a gateway device. A third configuration is combining remote SSL VPN client access with Site2Site access, whereby a single SPX system provides both capabilities. Gateway mesh configurations can be deployed for distributed site-to-site connectivity.

Site2Site was developed in response to strong demand from Array’s customers looking to extend the benefits of their remote access SSL VPNs to their site-to-site connections. Customers using Array’s SPX series SSL VPN for both remote access and site-to site are able to simplify management of their VPNs. Businesses can take advantage of the same platform to seamlessly configure, control and administer both the remote and site-to-site VPNs from a single location.

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