Step-by-step guide for setting up Computer Emergency Response Teams

ENISA is presenting the first European Step-by-Step guide ever on how to set up a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). This new booklet/CD-ROM includes case studies, exercises and a project plan. The guide covers all aspects of what CERTs can provide, and the necessary steps to get started from all perspectives: business management, process management, the technical perspective and a project plan to put everything into practice. At the same time, an updated and extended version of the ENISA Inventory of CERT Activities in Europe, including the very first map of 112 European CERTs is launched (v1.3).

ENISA’s Executive Director, Mr Andrea Pirotti commented on the Guide: “CERTs are crucial building blocks to safeguard the Network and Information systems of Europe. We need a better geographical distribution of CERTs, as well as more CERTs in all different sectors of society: academy, government and business that are not yet covered by CERT services. The ENISA Step by Step guide on how to set up a CERT is therefore a crucial tool for the security of Europe’s information systems.”

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