Norman releases Sandbox Analyzer product line

Norman Data Defense Systems, a specialist in the field of data security, released today its ground-breaking Sandbox Analyzer product line, a collection of new and powerful security applications and services designed to help corporate and government IT security departments analyze files in-house in mere seconds in order to identify, reverse engineer and debug malware instantly and without risk of infecting internal systems.

Some anti-virus companies offer automated file analysis to their customers but provide only a yes or no answer on the question of whether a file is malicious. Norman’s SandBox Analyzer takes malware analysis to a whole new level by providing in-house security personnel with instantaneous in-depth reports on every action that a particular file executes on a particular computer.

Processing time usually takes a few seconds, depending on how the file is packed and what the file does, compared to the 24-48 hours typically needed by security analysts to understand the behavior of suspicious files. On a tested sample set of 19,000 infected malware files, SandBox Analyzer fully analyzed the behavior of the files at an average of 13 seconds each. If clean files are included, processing time is much faster on average.

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