PandaLabs warns users of the mass-mailing of false job offers

PandaLabs has detected the mass-mailing of messages with lucrative job offers, aimed at recruiting “mules’. In Internet slang, “mules’ are people used to launder stolen money, mainly originating from phishing or other online fraud.
In this case, the message supposedly comes from an antique shop in Poland looking for sales reps to handle transactions outside the country. In exchange, the message claims the reps will receive lucrative commissions. The emails also include a link to web page of an apparently legal business, but which is really a cover in order to entice users.
In some cases, instead of a link to the web page, there is an email address to which users should respond if they want more information.
According to data from PandaLabs, this is a large-scale attack, using at least 10 Internet domains, and at least seven Web servers in countries including Korea, the United States, Canada, Belgium and Spain.
In reality, the work of the mule involves receiving bank transfers and in exchange for commission on each operation, sending the money received to addresses provided by the criminals. However, the mule is really just a scapegoat, as when the fraud is discovered it will be the mule who is asked to return the money and who will be held criminally responsible.

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