New ultra secure biometric USB 2.0 flash drive released

Kanguru Solutions announced the release of the Kanguru Bio Slider II, their new and improved USB 2.0 secure flash drive made complete with the most up-to-date biometric fingerprint technology.

The Kanguru Bio Slider II has taken the hassle out of remembering passwords in order to keep your information secure by using a biometric sensor that will recognize your fingerprint. The drive offers a low maintenance, effortless approach to protecting and storing your data. The built in fingerprint reader allows authorized users access to the encrypted data on the drive with the swipe of a finger. Once the print is confirmed, the user is allowed access to their confidential information. Since an individual fingerprint or thumbprint is the password, the password to your secure drive can never be stolen, forged, or forgotten!

The Kanguru Bio Slider II allows you to safeguard your data using the latest top-notch biometric technology, all at an affordable price and portable size. In addition to biometric technology, the drive can also be used with optional add-on security software packages offered by Kanguru Solutions. Kanguru Desktop Encryption software adds 256-bit AES encrypted partitions to your PC Hard Drive, and Kanguru BioLogin software adds biometric Windows login support and 256-bit AES encrypted folders on your PC.

Weighing in at 19 grams, this compact and lightweight flash drive makes for an equally portable and secure storage device. The drive utilizes a high quality, top grade fingerprint sensor (500 DPI) with an extremely low false acceptance rate. The Kanguru Bio Slider II is durable, as it resists up to 1000Gs of shock. It offers storage capacities ranging from 256MB up to 4GB, utilizes the high speed USB2.0 Interface, and operates on Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP.

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