New web anti-malware gateway for large enterprises

CP Secure announced today the release of the Content Security Gateway (CSG) 2500 Web anti-malware appliance. The CSG 2500 provides large enterprises with uncompromising gateway Web security and performance through its dual scan engine architecture, highly scalable real-time scanning technology, and high availability features.

The CSG 2500 extends the CSG product line to plug the Web security gap for large enterprise networks. It features:

* Dual scan engine architecture incorporating CP Secure and Kaspersky anti-malware scanners that proactively detect and stop known and unknown spyware and viruses at the Internet gateway ;
* High performance scanning of real-time Web traffic at the rate of up to 480 Mbps for a network of up to 12,000 computers through patent-pending stream-based scanning technology invented by the security veterans who pioneered gateway anti-virus (AV) technology at Trend Micro ;
* Inbound and outbound stream scanning of Web (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP) traffic, as well as email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) and FTP traffic ;
* Optional integration with Websense® Web Security SuiteTM to block access to malicious and inappropriate Web sites and prevent malware downloads via IM and P2P ;
* RAID, redundant power supply units, fail-open, and fail-over high availability capabilities ;
* Plug-and-play deployment as an inline, transparent bridge in less than 20 minutes; and
* Set-and-forget administration through Web-based graphical summary data and fully automated updates, logs, reports, and alerts.

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