First password manager that supports multi-page login schemes

Protecteer announced a breakthrough in password management technology. Until now, password managers simply captured and later filled in a login form. To be able to do so successfully, a form had to include both a password field and a user name or email or other account identification field.

However, recently, more websites move towards a multi-page login script whereby a user is prompted to enter a user name or account identification in a first page, the site then checks this out and in response may present to the user a second page with a password field and a recognizable symbol or sound (see as an example).

“Now, with SignupShield 4.8 this process can be automated,” said Ami Grynberg, Protecteer’s CEO. SignupShield recognizes both the pre-login and the login pages. It can capture the required information from both pages and save it as a single login record. From this saved login record, SignupShield can later, automatically, navigate to the first page, fill in the required account identification, then submit the form, fill-in the password into the second page and submit that form as well. In addition, SignupShield can fill out login forms which may contain both fields in a single form.

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