Mobio – a new approach to secure identity verification

Cryptolex Trust Systems launched Mobio, a new handheld authentication solution designed to replace all other access devices including passwords, access cards, tokens and PINs. Mobio’s proprietary technology combines the power of cryptography and security of portable biometrics to enable a high-security identity system for voice verification, information sharing and network and physical access control.

Mobio is one universal ID designed to access all points in an organization creating simplicity, efficiency and security. What makes the Cryptolex system unique is its backend server-to-server integration that enables Mobio to be used concurrently for building/door access, network login, VPN, and web applications. While Mobio looks similar to an authentication token or fingerprint reader, it is based on a newly developed technology that leverages cryptography to create a strong backend trust solution that can be utilized within an organization or across legally separate entities.

Using Mobio, an organization can have an employee use one device to prove their identity when accessing a building, joining a sensitive teleconference, logging into their corporate email account or to demonstrate their authorization to download sensitive files from the corporate server. Its flexibility comes from its unique design, which leverages biometrics and cryptography to convert individual fingerprints into dynamic numbers, called Biocodes. Mobio Biocodes are completely random numbers that never repeat, are only valid for a few seconds and are legally binding digital signatures that can be logged, tracked and audited. Biocodes are designed and distributed in such a manner that replay and man-in-the-middle attacks are effectively eliminated. Unlike traditional biometric-based solutions, Mobio is completely portable, does not require central storage of biometric information and Biocodes can be used anywhere a password is required, even if no network connection is available. There is no threat of identity theft or fraud if Mobio is lost or stolen, as it cannot be unlocked or misused by an unauthorized user and will only generate a Biocode based on the owner’s specific fingerprint.

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