Optimizing performance and security for critical Web enabled applications

Bee Ware announced the release and general availability in the UK of a new accelerated application security appliance, i-Boost. Targeted at web-enabled applications and portals i-Boost can triple or quadruple throughput whilst optimising Web security and control.

The new appliance has been designed to address the conflicting challenges of web application performance and security, using Bee Ware’s innovative ICXâ„? technology. The perpetually expanding role of web enabled applications has made them essential in modern business. The demands of performance, robustness and security have until now forced organisations to choose which feature was of greater importance, i-Boost now removes that conflict.

“All organisations are now seeing substantial increases in Web and SSL encrypted traffic,” said Stephan Mesguich, vice president of sales and marketing at Bee Ware. “The new i-Boost appliances can triple or quadruple throughput while at the same time optimising Web security and control. In addition, the new SSL cards accelerate SSL processing at the gateway without compromising on the security.” Mesguich added, “The web application acceleration space has generated a great deal of excitement lately, but what we have done is combine the benefits of performance and availability, without compromising on security.”

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