Microsoft Enhances application security tool in Visual Studio with Dotfuscator Community Edition

Microsoft Corp. announced that an enhanced version of Dotfuscator Community Edition will be included in the next major release of Microsoft Visual Studio, code-named “Orcas.”

“Protecting intellectual property and preventing application vulnerability probing are two important issues for software developers today,” said Prashant Sridharan, group product manager in the Developer Division at Microsoft. “Obfuscation is an important component of Microsoft’s comprehensive application life-cycle management solution, and PreEmptive Solutions’ latest version of Dotfuscator CE represents a significant enhancement to the Visual Studio platform.”

The next version of Dotfuscator CE will feature full integration with Visual Studio, enabling automatic resolution of build dependencies, seamless integration with other post-build processes such as installation script generation, and a consistent means to manage obfuscation artifacts that streamline debugging, patch management and distributed development processes.

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