Radware updates its DefensePro product line

Radware announced new additions to its DefensePro product line-up, Intrusion Prevention System and Denial-of-Service Protection solution that provides self-learning, behavior-based protection against security attacks. The expanded product family includes the new DefensePro x02 series and an expanded x20 series, which offer unprecedented price and performance. The new DefensePro models support software license-controlled scalable throughput, enabling pay-as-you-grow bandwidth expansion, from 100 Mbps to a maximum of 1 Gbps and from 600 Mbps to maximum of 3 Gbps, without having to buy new hardware. Radware’s expanded DefensePro product family is targeted at the enterprise and MSSP markets for securing the enterprise core, perimeter, departments and remote sites.

“Many of our customers are growing fast, and constantly increasing network capacity. Our newest DefensePro release provides unmatched deployment flexibility for our customers to ensure that application security and performance is never compromised,” said Amir Peles, chief technology officer for Radware. “No forklift upgrade is required to increase bandwidth capacity, resulting in full hardware investment protection and the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) available today for IT departments.”

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