Rackspace enhances its network security

Rackspace Managed Hosting announced the addition of Invision Security Appliance, an enterprise-class Intrusion Detection System that combines multi-layer threat management technology and comprehensive monitoring with the company’s renowned Fanatical Supportâ„? to automatically detect network threats. Rackspace extends its security expertise with the launch of Invision IDS, adding to the hosting specialist’s fully-integrated suite of managed security services and products.

Invision’s ActiveWatch Monitoring Service provides SANS-certified network security analysts to monitor network activity and conduct extensive protection and security reviews to detect network threats such as worms, Trojans, BotNets and unauthorized intruders in real time. Invision also leverages thousands of threat signatures to automatically block network attacks with an enhanced scanning capability that monitors incoming traffic for signatures that are only a threat to each respective environment, reducing the false positive rate.

“Rackspace’s Invision IDS has provided a service that hardware alone cannot effectively manage,” said Spencer Nassar, vice president of development and services, Bones in Motion. “Their network security experts and enhanced monitoring systems identify the threats that really need attention, weeding out the false positives that waste our IT staff’s time and company resources.”

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