Secure Computing announced Webwasher 6.0

Secure Computing Corporation announced Webwasher 6.0, a new and enhanced version of its award-winning Web Security Gateway, protecting enterprises from inbound and outbound security threats. Webwasher 6.0 marks the initial integration of CipherTrust’s TrustedSourceTM into the Secure Computing®suite of products within 75 days of completing the merger with CipherTrust. In addition, Webwasher 6.0 adds a sophisticated anti-malware engine to proactively protect enterprises from targeted attacks.
Webwasher 6.0 is a web security gateway product now available in three newly released appliances that guards enterprises from a deluge of threats delivered via web traffic, including malware, trojans and phishing attacks, and also ensures that outbound traffic meets corporate compliance requirements. This newest version includes more than a dozen enhancements that strengthen its functionality and improve usability.
Webwasher 6.0 incorporates information gathered by TrustedSource in real time to deliver a high degree of protection. TrustedSource is a global threat reputation system that generates a reputation for every web address on the planet, based on the behavior of those addresses as email senders and whether those addresses appear in spam and phishing emails.

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