KSR and Neohapsis merge, Managed Risk Services offering launched

KSR announced today the formal launch of its Managed Risk Services offering. As part of the launch, KSR is also announcing that it has merged with Neohapsis, cementing its position as the industry’s first Managed Risk Services Provider (MRSP). Having assembled some of the most respected minds in information security, information technology, and risk management, KSR is the first service provider to offer a new breed of professional and managed services specifically designed to align business goals with effective risk management practices. KSR’s integrated, real-time approach to enterprise risk management provides visibility regarding where and how to invest in risk mitigation initiatives in a manner that ensures ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and efficiency.

Under the terms of the merger, Neohapsis will become a wholly owned subsidiary of KSR. Neohapsis will expand KSR’s existing world-class professional services organization, adding expert consultants, advanced researchers and published authors who have helped shape the evolution and adoption of information assurance initiatives. Neohapsis’ services bring a new level of capability to KSR’s portfolio of Managed Risk Services, including digital forensics, application security, eDiscovery, and enterprise IT product-testing. Leveraging the best practices established over the course of testing hundreds of information security products, the Neohapsis lab also provides KSR with a state-of-the-art facility to test and design innovative service offerings based on evolving business requirements.

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