Massive organized spam attack aimed at boosting stock values

PandaLabs has detected the distribution of massive amounts of spam trying to push sales of stocks in a certain company. Specifically, the emails predict a sharp increase in the stock value of West Excelsior Enterprise Inc. over the next five days. The aim is to persuade the recipient to buy stocks in this company.
The objective of this attack is to push up these stock prices. PandaLabs has detected three separate waves of this attack over the last five days. This strategy is designed to maintain the stock price once it has increased.
According to data from several financial services, since the first emails were sent last Friday, the company’s stocks have increased up to 50 percent from their initial value. However, later waves of the email have coincided with downward movements of the stock prices.
The messages used are different from each other. These differences include words in the text of the message, the background color, the message subject or even the name of the sender. All of these differences have been included in order to evade anti-spam filter rules.

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