Websense unveils bold new approach to web security

Websense unveiled a fundamentally new approach to security that identifies threats on the Internet before criminals can launch Web security attacks.

The patent-pending Websense ThreatSeeker technology delivers pre-emptive protection from Web-based security threats — threats typically missed or too costly to prevent using security technologies such as antivirus and intrusion prevention systems. Unlike these traditional approaches, Websense seeks out threats on the Internet before customers are compromised and protects customers before patches and signatures are created. As a result, organizations are automatically protected from the latest threats within minutes, without massive costs and administrative burdens and without having to guess what attacks may look like in the future.

Websense ThreatSeeker finds, blocks and protects customers from Web-based threats before they have a chance to steal business information and affect business productivity. The technology is based on more than 100 proprietary processes and systems used to decipher emerging and complex threats. Using a combination of mathematical algorithms, behavior profiling, code analysis, as well as an extensive network of data mining machines, Websense ThreatSeeker provides ongoing threat intelligence to Websense security software products — delivering protection to customers within minutes.

In development for more than five years within Websense Security Labs(TM) and based on more than ten years of experience classifying the Web, Websense ThreatSeeker is the technological foundation for Websense’s current security software portfolio and will provide an extra layer of intelligence in upcoming Websense security software, including data leakage prevention software that Websense plans to deliver in the first half of 2007.

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