SECUDE signon Version 5.8 available

SECUDE signon Version 5.8 now adjusts even better to companies’ individual security needs. User authentication is easily matched to the internal security policy by means of a centralized administration.

The demands made of a state-of-the-art and secure user authentication are increasing not at least due to growing legal requirements. Apart from reliable user log-on to systems and resources, an authentication solution today is also expected to provide easy and efficient administration capabilities. SECUDE signon Version 5.8 now meets these demands at the higher level.

It easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure and provides straightforward administration capabilities throughout the whole software lifecycle. Version 5.8 now supports companies even better in imposing security policies company-wide through a centralized administration. This also comprises the capability to set and impose a user PIN policy.

The product supports both common user authentication with Windows Credentials (user name plus password) as well as certificate-based authentication with digital certificates. With Version 5.8 the certificate-based authentication can be configured in a way that Windows log-on is refused if certificate validity has expired. In order to prevent this happening, an automatic warning can be issued reporting that the log-on certificate is about to expire. More information can be found at

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