Lexar ships SAFE PSD S1100 Secure Enterprise-Class USB Personal Storage Device

Lexar announced that it has begun shipping its first enterprise-class USB Personal Storage Device, the SAFE PSD S1100 with multi-layered security architecture. The S1100 was developed for enterprises and government agencies that want their employees to be able to store and access data on USB Flash drives, but also want to make sure that data is kept secure and private in case of device loss or theft. Two major components of the S1100’s security architecture are Lexar’s PSD-Lock technology, an embedded device access control technology that enables USB device locking, and onboard 256-bit “on-the-fly” AES hardware encryption.

How the Lexar SAFE PSD S1100 Works

Lexar’s SAFE PSD S1100 seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Windows XP, providing a familiar user experience. The S1100’s PSD-Lock technology requires a mandatory passphrase in order to “unlock” the device and access data. Onboard 256-bit AES encryption automatically encrypts all of the device contents, including the passphrase, encryption keys, device firmware and user data.  Each S1100 also supports a unique serial number as defined by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) that can be used for asset management purposes within an enterprise. In addition, the S1100 is designed to work with 3rd party centrally managed device access controls and policy enforcement solutions. 
For instance, Lexar has partnered with SecureWave to integrate its S1100 product within SecureWave’s Sanctuary Device Control (sold separately) in order to meet the needs of today’s enterprises for comprehensive management of personal storage devices.  This combination will enable enterprises to set policies that discover, monitor, control and audit all device usage.  Sanctuary policies, in conjunction with the S1100’s onboard AES encryption features, will significantly reduce any organization’s risk associated with the use of removable mass storage devices.
The Lexar SAFE PSD S1100 solution is offered in 1GB and 2GB capacities, and is available through distribution where it will be sold exclusively to the Enterprise marketplace through the IT Enterprise VAR Channel.

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