First comprehensive tracking and analysis website for zero-day vulnerabilities

eEye Digital Security announced that it is offering the industry’s first vulnerability tracking site that focuses exclusively on zero-day vulnerabilities, or those vulnerabilities in which technical details regarding exploitation methods are in public circulation prior to the availability of a software patch. This Zero-Day Tracker provides detailed information, analysis and remediation strategies for these unpatched security vulnerabilities, including information that is not available from any other source. eEye’s zero-day tracking site provides organizations the data needed for remediation and outlines proactive steps that can be taken to prevent attackers from using these critical security vulnerabilities to penetrate their networks.

“The increasing proliferation of zero-day vulnerabilities means the previous window of opportunity IT had to secure networks between the release of a software patch and an attack has been slammed shut,” said Marc Maiffret, eEye’s founder and CTO. “More zero-day security vulnerabilities and attacks are being discovered every day and dealing with them can easily dominate an enterprise’s IT efforts. As a result, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests from our customers to give them the information and time they need to protect their networks. Our Zero-Day Tracker is a direct response to this tremendous demand.”

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