Full suite of solutions to meet web application security needs for any size company

Cenzic introduced two new products to protect small enterprises from vicious hackers. Hailstorm Starter and Hailstorm Core are based on Cenzic’s award-winning Hailstorm technology and deliver security assessment solutions for smaller enterprises. This announcement, coupled with the recent introduction of Hailstorm Enterprise ARC (Application Risk Controller)â„? for large enterprises, rounds out Cenzic’s complete application security assessment solution and makes Cenzic the only company in the industry to offer a complete suite for enterprises of all sizes.

Protecting web applications is becoming a major pain point for enterprises of all sizes. Whether it’s a small company doing business online or a large company handling all their customer transactions, web front-ends have become a must for businesses. Due to the open nature of web sites, hackers are exploiting the same interfaces that consumers use to exploit code to steal confidential information, Intellectual Property, or transfer money illegally. With the holiday online shopping at an all time high and about 95% of websites with none to minimal security, consumers need to be careful about what information they provide online. According to a recent Symantec Threat Report, 59% of the total vulnerabilities relate to web applications. In a recent CSI/FBI report on security, almost 100% of respondents had some kind of web incident, with 59% of respondents citing more than 10 incidents.

“Most companies today, large or small, have some type of presence on the Web. However, if customers can access their Web applications, so can hackers,” said Neil MacDonald, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst for Gartner. “These applications need to be scanned for vulnerabilities, but the barriers to adoption of scanning tools can be high, especially when resources are tight. Better-automated, lower-cost tools are needed as well as web application scanning as a service to augment — or in lieu of — their own staff performing the scanning.”

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