Unique security compliance solution for internet communities and online social networks

IntelligenceFocus announced the unveiling of a special version of its proprietary Dynamic Intelligence Management System, dubbed Community Watchdog, a solution which automatically profiles users and content and enforces security compliance in real-time on internet social networks.

“Internet social networks and online communities such as MySpace, Friendster and Second Life are transforming human interaction. The virtual community has replaced the physical neighborhood, adding new layers of complexity to the task of ensuring safety and security. Automatic user profiling and real-time content compliance enforcement are the intelligence tools required to keep the peace in the virtual community,” says Maurizio Attisani, CEO of IntelligenceFocus.

Community Watchdog dynamically profiles community users and their behaviors, and intelligently monitors live contents being published in every type of inbound and outbound communication. If a certain profile, behavior or content is closely matched against a known risk or is dangerously anomalous, it is reported in real time to the relevant authorities using a powerful and fully configurable security dashboard. The self-learning and self-updating technology gets “smarter” the longer it is employed.

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