New Mobio handheld integrates Fujitsu MBF200 Fingerprint Touch Sensor IC

Fujitsu Microelectronics America announced that its MBF200 single-touch sensor IC has been integrated into Mobio, a handheld biometric security device developed by Cryptolex Trust Systems, Inc.

Mobio is a universal ID that replaces passwords, tokens, cards and personal identification numbers, using biometrics and cryptography to convert individual fingerprints into dynamic numbers called Biocodes. A Biocode is built using algorithms that convert biometric data from an individual’s fingerprint into a random number that can be securely transmitted over any network, even if the network itself is not secure.

Mobio is about the size of a typical pager and can be used for corporate employees or government agency personnel to verify their identities when accessing documents or files, or when entering a corporate facility. Mobio runs on Cryptolex’s proprietary Universal ID System, which combines biometrics and cryptography to provide authentication for building and door access, network access and access to VPN and web applications. Only the fingerprints of a Mobio’s owner, which are recorded using the MBF200 fingerprint sensor, can generate the user’s biocodes. Lost or stolen Mobios cannot be unlocked or misused by anyone, so their owners are protected from identity theft and fraud.

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